“app” happy wednesday #9

Welcome to “app” happy wednesday #9! If you’re new to the party, this is a weekly link-up to share your photos edited with “apps” of course!

What camera do you prefer when shooting with your phone? For the last couple of months I’ve been using Camera+ but I certainly had not been using it to its full potential. I would snap a photo and then immediately take it into PicsPlayPro for editing. Well, all that has changed. I’m sure some of you already know a lot about Camera+ but I thought I’d share a bit about my new workflow.

  • My goal with Camera+ is to first capture the sharpest, best quality image possible and I think it’s a great camera to achieve that goal.
  • I set the shooting mode to square because I almost always end up cropping my photos into a square anyway. This has had the bonus effect of making me mindful of the scene and taking the time to consider the composition.
  • Decide where you want to save your images: Lightbox or Camera Roll or Lightbox and Camera Roll. Each has its advantages/disadvantages. Make sure to explore this completely.
  • There are three options for Quality: High, Normal, and Optimized. When choosing a size, it really depends on what you want to use the photo for. I go back and forth between Optimized and Normal.
  • I’ve read that a person should never ever use the zoom function on phones, but I’ve been experimenting with it in Camera+ and it works amazingly well.
  • There are lots of editing options from sharpening and/or blurring to adjusting brightness & contrast. You’ll also find lots of filters and cool frames.

I accidentally broke this begonia flower off while watering my plants. Serendipity! Since it was so bright and crisp I did not make any adjustments. I simply added the “Offset” frame because it had a pink edge and I loved the coloured dots at the bottom. Again, serendipity! "app" happy wednesday, keeping with the times, camera+ Then I decided to try using my Olloclip to capture the centre. There are no adjustments made to this shot. "app" happy wednesday, keeping with the times, camera+

My dandelion with the “Sunkiss’d” filter and the “Vintage” frame.

"app" happy wednesday, keeping with the times, instagram

I got carried away playing around with the filters and when I went to save this image, alas… it was a demo. So yes, I purchased the Hollywood set … they get you every time.

"app" happy wednesday, keeping with the times, camera+

So there you have it. I think Camera+ is a great tool. Of course it doesn’t do everything and that’s why there are hundreds of apps out there to take your photos even further!

Now let’s see what you’ve been up to!

Use any “app” you like and perhaps explain how you used it.

  • Did you use just one? Did you combine apps?
  • Simply create some art. Post it on your blog or Flickr or wherever you are uploading your work, and then come back here and link it up!
  • Visit a few friends to see what they are up to and perhaps learn some fabulous new tips and techniques.
  • Spread the word about the link-up, the more the merrier!
  • Each party will start at 5:00 am on Wednesdays and will stay open until the following Sunday night at midnight.
  • *NEW* and exciting news! you can now use Instagram to link your images! Way cool! Check out the article here. I also added some tips on this post here.
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  1. says

    I haven’t used this app camera in a long time but when I did I liked it, I really like the danie image and the filter you used just stunning.

  2. says

    Love all your images, Barb ! I think I will have to explore the app. I wasn’t even aware that there were different ‘cameras’ !! the dandy image and the lake image are awesome ! The macro with the ollo clip is amazing too….

  3. says

    Camera+ is yet another app I have but rarely use…thanks for the info about it, Barb! I need to revisit it and check it out further. Your photos are gorgeous! Have a wonderful week! :)

  4. says

    Hmmm. At Oasis, one of the Shutter Sisters told us always to shoot with the iPhone’s native camera, so that’s what I do. I have used Camera+ for tuning images. Now I’m excited to try using it to take photos! I’ll let you know how it works out for me. Beautiful images today and that ‘Hollywood’ looks like it could be fun.

  5. says

    OMGoodness- that dandelion!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievably sharp and detailed- love the processing too. Macro shot? And I lvoe the dreaminess of the last image- wow! I have Camera +- one of my very first camera apps- and I always forget to use it! I’ll check it out again! Thanks for the tutorial and linkup!

  6. says

    Beautiful shots Barb! I learn so much when I come to your site. Hope things have been going well for you. It’s been a bit since I got to your site, time has been rather short as of late so I haven’t had time for all my blogs that I normally read.