Bringing Beauty and Colour into the Bedroom

We’ve been living in our home for almost 12 years now. I love it’s natural, peaceful and serene colour palette. The walls are two different shades of green, the carpet is a pale grey-green and the trim is white. I’ve kept decorating to a minimum – don’t know if it’s because I don’t know how to do it, I’m lazy, or I just plain like things plain…

But, the other day I was at Costco and spied this fabulous king-size micro-fibre duvet cover for about $35.00. Yes, I said $35.00 not $350.00. Whoa. I couldn’t walk past it. Not only were the reds calling to me, but it was the green leaves that did it. They are the exact colour of green that I love. The exact shade to match my walls. It was I felt a little giddy as I threw it into my cart with nary a second thought.

Then I noticed there were matching green sheets… sheets made of micro-fibre… sheets so soft… so, so soft. So, so soft, and so, so green. Have I mentioned I love green?

Anyway… seeing as I had already lost my mind I went on the hunt for a picture to put above our bed. I’ve been thinking about it forever but the idea was just too daunting. I didn’t have clue as to what I wanted and I thought it had to be some kind of perfectly expensive piece of art, so of course it didn’t happen.

We don’t have a lot of choices in our small city so I headed to Home Sense. And lookee what I found there! A match made in heaven. Seriously, could there have been a more appropriate picture? It cost $80.00 (I’m almost embarrassed) but don’t you just love it when that happens?


It doesn’t have to be expensive and I’m flabbergasted at the transformation!

Take a look at the before – not bad… but oh, my… how dreary… what took me so long?

bedroom transformation

Hubby’s happy too. He figures he’s got my Valentine gift and my birthday gift taken care of. And he’s right!


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    The transformation is gorgeous! I’m terrified of color. I’ve always had white walls so I could go in any direction with color and I decorate in spurts, when the spirit moves me…which is not very often. First I don’t have the time and second, I’m afraid of making a mistake. BUT, at $35 I believe I may have to head over to Costco! Well done!!!

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    wowza….it all looks great and what bargains!! love the look of your new wordpress blog too…will have to figure out how to follow again…thanks for stopping by my bloggy this morn.

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    Love the pop of color that you new bedding and picture add!! I need to go out shopping and see what I can do for my house :)

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    That looks absolutely fabulous and I’m astounded at how inexpensive that was at Costco! That’s a steal and it looks dynamite.

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    Looking good Barb…

    The bedroom as well as the blog.
    It’s funny the before photo is very similar to my bedroom at the moment… :)
    P.S Just a thought the picture above your bed looks lovely … but I bet you could create a canvas print from one of your photographs that would be ever better!!

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    Loving this Barb ~ it is so fresh and pretty and you got a steal of a deal ~ King size stuff is usually at a King size price! I am playing catch up with you tonight ~ your new posts were not showing up on my feed but it’s all fixed now. Happy Valentines Day!