Winter Waterlogue Wonderland

Winter Waterlogue

This is a scene I saw many times during this (almost past) winter. Every time I walked by I took about 10 photos because it was truly magical.

I can’t remember everything I did to edit the photo, but the main app I used was Waterlogue. And then because I’m a scrapper I had to create a layout with it using some great new products from designer Susie Roberts. I really love the white cardstock, it’s great for blending and creating artsy images.

So now that I have hundreds of winter photos, I’m so done with it. However, we still have a foot of snow in our yard and more is on the way … oh winter, please let go …


Cardstock – Blank Canvas by Susie Roberts
Alpha – Rubber Stamp by Susie Roberts



  1. Delightful….that app is so fun, so glad you turned me on to it. I hope your snow goes away sooner than expected, I am so done with it as I am sure you are too.

  2. that is just beautiful! stationery, cardstock, LOVE!

  3. So beautiful, Barb! I’ve downloaded Waterlogue but haven’t played yet. That would require taking a photo. Which I haven’t. We’ve hit a stretch of grey but warming days. Too much brown left from last year’s garden to excite me yet. My daffodils are up but desperately want for sun and at least a bit of warmth. When that comes, I may just get that iPhone out, snap away and play. And, oh, yes, Winter … you’ve long overstayed your welcome.

  4. Gosh, I hope winter releases its grip for you soon. Loving that waterlogue app!

  5. I love that app! Your photo is a perfect example why :)

  6. Loving the app Barb…been using it for a couple of weeks (so glad you told us about it :-) )
    Your example here is absolutely gorgeous.
    But hoping Spring comes to you soon!

  7. I love the Waterlogue app. I have been changing all my photos on my iPad. Valerie

  8. Beautiful scene and scrapbook page! I’m sure your ready for some spring colors and less white!

  9. Perfection in Beauty !

  10. Sheila S. says:

    Nice pic Barb! I’m also a scrapper & would enjoy seeing some of your layouts sometime

  11. Love your waterlogue shot and how you have processed this. Have never really done any digital scrapbooking, but love how this looks! Your work is always so lovely Barb!

  12. Truly divine! OMG!

  13. This looks just like a card ~ I have not downloaded Waterlogue yet but thinking that I should! I am also over winter.

  14. Sharron Lamb says:

    Barb! You got me hooked too. Thank you so much for directing me to Waterlogue! I’m having a blast with it. I’m happy they published your layout! :D

  15. Susie Roberts says:

    I love this page and scene, Barb! You have totally gotten me hooked on this app and I can’t wait to try it out with some of my Blank Canvas cardstock.


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