Melancholy Lilacs II

Today my still life blends lilacs present with lilacs past.

A fresh bouquet rests on a white tea towel while photos from last spring and a soft mauve scarf draw the eye through the image.

Lilac Still Life, Keeping With the Times

Melancholy-Lilac-with-Scarf1-copyAlthough the end is near, the shrubs still have blooms and even as they droop and fade their scent gets stronger and sweeter. Now there are swarms of swallowtail butterflies and hummingbird moths (hemaris thysbe) and bees and wasps all trying to gather up every single drop of nectar before it’s gone.

The parade of blooms continues in my garden. As the lilacs and anemones near their end, I watch closely as the peony buds double in size on a daily basis and the perennial poppies ready themselves to burst open. New growth and life is everywhere and some days I hardly know where to start. I do know that if I don’t move quickly the moment will pass. But some moments will pass and I’m good with that. Some moments are simply meant to be savoured, not saved.

Be Still 52 Class

Day 4: Make it Happen

kk_melancholy LR Preset

Texture: Cora/Soft Light 50%
Don’t forget “app” happy wednesday tomorrow! I hope to see you here!


  1. Oh Barb, these images are to die for, love, love, love! Wonderful display of photo in photo and beautiful processing.

  2. I am so enjoying your lilacs since ours are long gone. A beautiful still life, Barb. Don’t you just love this time of year in the garden? June is my favorite garden month, so many things blooming all at once. Even if it can’t be saved, it is great to savor.

  3. You can almost smell these from the photo, love the softness of the images with the preset, Very beautiful Barb

  4. So much beautiful purple. I love how you have the pictures from last year in your still life. You are right, it is hard to capture all the moments of a garden, but we can sure try!

  5. just wonderful. that is like how the bluebonnets are here – as they go just beyond peak, their scent is overwhelming!

  6. im so in love with these images barb….. truly… beautiful…

  7. Barb, These images are so beautiful. I love your soft and dreamy edits. Every detail – the scarf softy draped, the stray blossoms, the polaroids in the backdrop – adds to the story. For me, your pictures tell the story, of the love you have for your garden and the flowers and the bittersweet realization that flowers fade and the joy of the moment. Lilacs and peonies and hydrangeas and old-fashioned roses – these are my favorites. Can’t wait to see your next post – peonies?

  8. Terri Porter says:

    So beautifully shot and processed! I’m just swooning with all that beautiful lilac color and your processing turns these shots into beautiful art! Nicely done.

  9. Your images and processing are amazing! I love the faded softness of your images. Our area didn’t have many lilacs this year (too wet I think) but our peonies are blooming wildly now. So nice to enjoy the many flower of summer :)

  10. Beautiful lilacs, Barb! I love the play with the focus in the upper and lower picture – so soft end delightful!

  11. I didn’t get to see too many lilacs this year! Yours are beautiful. You are rockin’ the still lifes!

  12. Love those wonderful mauve tones, Barb !
    Your photos are gorgeous … pretty lilacs, nicely captured !
    Have a great week,

  13. So nicely done, Barb.
    Wonderful softness in each one.

  14. Sherri Cassell says:

    So gorgeous and beautifully composed!

  15. My lilacs did not bloom this year….insert sad face, but I am truly enjoying yours. Altho I have to imagine the wonderful essence.

  16. These have a soft nostalgic feel to them.

  17. ~ so very pretty! I love the softness the purple scarf adds to your flowers!

  18. What gorgeous photos! I wish lilacs lasted forever. I found your blog on the One Man’s Treasure, and I’m a fellow Stony Plain girl!

  19. *One Man’s Treasure page on Facebook, that is!

  20. Beverly says:

    Some of the pretties lilac images I’ve seen Barb! I love the softness and dreamy feel. Beautiful!

  21. Oh I DO love that melancholy preset. Stunning images Barb. Great idea to use past and present in your images.

  22. Beautifully done. I especially like the second photo. My eye is drawn to the photo im the image and I like it in focus rather than the flowers being in focus.