Friday Finds: and Happy Summer Solstice

It’s been another busy week and I’m always astounded to realize that it’s time for Friday Finds. I found many things this week; this leaf, for example.

We had a lovely, soft, steady rain and there were droplets everywhere.

Friday Finds

The Alberta Rose is blooming. There are not very many this year and I’ve noticed that a lot of the shrubs have died off …


I love hanging flower pots …


and the new leaves of Bishops Hat …


and the spent parts of the Alberta rose …


alliums and sunshine …


Hollywood Dreamstate alliums …


Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Summer Solstice!


  1. Beverly says

    Such a beautiful walk through your garden Barb!! I love the sun rays on the last two, and the rain on the leaf. Happy Summer to you!!! Thanks for you sweet visits and comments during my “break”.

  2. says

    Is it possible that I can see your reflection in the largest bubble? I love your garden shots and they make me want to grab my camera and go out to photograph. You really catch the summer feel in your photos.

  3. says

    So many beautiful images! I love the raindrops and texture in your first image, the detail in the Alberta Rose and the light in the alliums.

  4. says

    Love all of these beauties but thank you for the Bishop’s Hat one especially. I used to have one in the garden at my previous house and I had forgotten how much I loved it. Nice to recollect.