The Doors of Barrio Viejo

barrio viejo

This is one of the images I took while on our photo walk in the Barrio Viejo, Tucson. I liked how the green window frame and the green leaves on the tree had some of the same tones; almost neon. I also liked the way the tree was creating a frame across the top of the building and drawing the eye in.

I’m contemplating having this put on canvas and then hanging it in our little kitchen. The tiles on the counter are this same blue, with some rusts and greens and reds – sounds perfect! Hope I follow through!

I’m a bit out of the loop – I see TT is about love this week so here’s my nod to love…

barrio viejo

kk_seriousmagic on the top photo

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  1. I love that first shot and I think it’s a wonderful idea to put it on canvas. You will enjoy remembering that day as you spend time in your kitchen…..

  2. really cute. that first one is a neat color combo. :)

  3. That photo would look beautiful in any kitchen. The colors and composition are wonderful!

  4. Yes! This would be perfect on canvas and a wonderful addition to your kitchen! Your ‘nod’ to love is pretty, too. {I almost forgot the ‘love’ theme, too, being so used to free and easy, so I found a quote to go on mine.}

  5. Love your photos. The colors are beautiful. You really do need to get that on canvas. Not only a great photo but every time you look at it you will have sweet memories. Love your butterfly pictures. ☺️

  6. Lovely love the colours x

  7. Absolutely perfect on canvas…what a grand rememberance of a grand day!!

  8. I think that is a perfect idea for your kitchen and how fun to have a place here to do up with your art from the area. Sounds perfect and I loved the way you explained the image so nicely. the heart door is perfect for the Love theme.

  9. i can just imagine how much fun you all had! and man those colors are so happy!

  10. Love the colors!

  11. Beautiful! I love the colors in the first image – I hope that you do hang it in your home, it’s a lovely image. I love the hearts in the second image too!

  12. I LOVE that door.
    The colors are so vibrant and cheerful.

  13. What a colorful place to come home to. It’s been fun seeing the different doors and windows your group photographed.

  14. I haven’t been to Tucson in ages! But the color is unforgettable. I know you are fully enjoying yourself. I’m about to go read your DS tutorial I guess I should say watch….

  15. Ohhh..I’d LOVE to go on a walk in the Barrio…Those colors are just amazing and pop off the page. So glad you gals had fun.

  16. That photo would be great on canvas. Looks like ones you see in galleries, in the Southwest. Gorgeous.
    And, very clever Love photo.

  17. I agree with the chorus above that the colors and composition on your photo from a walk in the Barrio are stunning. But, I also love the swirls and curls of the heart-shape iron work on the door – abstract, architectural, and elegant. Well done!

  18. I love both, but especially the top one!

  19. Terri Porter says:

    Echoing everyone’s sentiments about printing your barrio photo to hang in your kitchen. It would be a lovely reminder of a wonderful day! After my second visit down there, I created a collage of door images and it hangs in my kitchen reminding me of what an amazing place it is. So much fun to share it with you!

  20. Definitely get it on canvas!! Gorgeous photos!!

  21. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Those colors are just beautiful.

  22. The color combinations in that first pictures are just stunning. Great eye.

  23. I really like how you made that connection with the green window frame and the leaves of the trees. I think you absolutely should go ahead and organise that enlarged image of that photo. I also enjoyed your list of 10 about Arizona. Hope you are going ok. Renee.

  24. Wow! That top image is amazing. Well done!

  25. Just gorgeous. I just cant wait to get to the sun and away from winter for a bit.