Oxford Book of Garden Flowers

Oxford Book of Garden Flowers

I had some pretty special "finds" this week, and one of them was The Oxford Book of Garden Flowers ... when I first saw it, I mumbled out loud, are you kidding me? Then I sheepishly looked around the store to make sure I hadn't offended anyone ... then I said it again, are you kidding me!! I quickly … [Read More...]


Lightroom Preset Play with Ranunculus

Applying a Lightroom preset to ranunculus (or any photo for that matter) is like watching magic unfold.While I still love original images, I adore the rumpled and dreamy edits.Kim has a wonderful demonstration on her blog today ... … Read More

Friday Finds

Chocolate Ranunculus and Tea

You would not believe how many hours, and how many photos were shot, for me to get this Chocolate Ranunculus and Tea series just the way I wanted it! Whew! It was quite the production and I'll tell you why ... but first ... the story behind … Read More

Canvas Pop

Canvas Pop and my Barrio Viejo Door!

Recently I was contacted by Liam of Canvas Pop and asked if I would be willing to write a review of one of their products. All I needed to do was find a favourite image, send it to them, and they would deliver a beautiful canvas print right … Read More

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Hyacinth Print Free Download

Hyacinth Print Download

Just popping in with a quick note to let you know I'll be including the full resolution file of my "Hyacinth and Tulip Fling With … Read More

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Hazelnut Star Cookies, Keeping With the Times

Hazelnut Star Cookies

I'll "fess" up right now ... this is straight from Martha Stewart (with a couple of my own tweaks) ... and as usual, with a Martha … Read More