Texture Tuesday and “On a Chair”

I’m combining Texture Tuesday with some of my Start to Finish lessons. I used a white vintage chippy chair, baby pumpkins, an old bowl, and some burlap.

We’ve been enjoying the most wonderful Indian Summer … which is hard to believe after the dump of snow we had six weeks ago!

I want to take advantage of every second, so yesterday, I took my chippy chair outside and sat on the lawn and stared at it. I found this chair several weeks ago at “One Man’s Treasure” and nearly fainted when I saw it! Then I nearly fainted again when the dear owner said she only wanted $20.00 for it! How could I leave without it? I’d been watching for it for months and months.
Texture Tuesday, and "On a Chair"

Once I set it on the lawn, and saw the tall crispy grasses and semi-bare trees behind it, I instantly “felt” it, and I spent a couple of hours playing with different setups!

On a Chair, Start to Finish, Texture Tuesday


On a Chair, Start to Finish, Texture Tuesday


I’m wasn’t entirely happy with all of the results (simply because I couldn’t express what was in my “minds eye”), but they are certainly OK.

I processed them in LR with the Start to Finish – Day 8 lessons in mind. So much to learn there … I could go over them 10 times and still find some new tip or trick! The biggest thing I learned had to do with cropping … nothing earth-shattering, just something for me to think about.

I used the texture kk_simple on all of the images, except the last one.

Happy Tuesday! and thanks so much for dropping by!

Texture Tuesday at kimklassen.com

Gather California Preparations

Good Monday morning! Only 21 sleeps …

gather california

Today I start preparing for Gather California. I don’t mean packing, or buying new clothes, or anything like that. As a matter of fact, one of the lovely notes I received in my inbox went like this …

How to prepare for GATHER…a soul guide (what to bring):
  • it is requested that you bring only clothing that you feel beautiful wearing, should that mean you only bring one outfit then so be it (we won’t judge)
  • camera – could be your phone camera or a fancy state of the art new model, everyone is welcome ( advanced lenses etc. are welcome but not required)
  • warm embraces to share with others
  • an extra bag to carry home encouragement, awe and compliments
  • any burdens you would like to lay at the Pacific shoreline

… sigh …

I also need to bring a photo of myself (one that I love) … hmmmm, this is going to be the hardest item to find … but it will be the first thing I put in my journal.

After that, a list of questions, ideas, and dreams … I get to pick the brains of some of the most talented, artistic, creative souls on the planet. I’m at once excited, and terrified. Seriously. I can.not.wait.