I Found Some Time!

Oh my gosh, I found so many things this week! First of all,  I found some time!

With a winter storm raging outside, I’ve been forced to hunker down inside, and I’ve made the most of it.

After organizing and cleaning house, I sat down and finished writing my tutorial for Digital Scrapper, and then I recorded the first version! Woot!  I still have lots to do, but I should be finished it this weekend, which means I won’t be stressing about it before Christmas … so.very.good.

I’ve been able to catch up on a few Be Still lessons, and today I present my “butter and eggs” … what a lovely relaxing afternoon … (hazelnut and cream cheese cookies are coming soon to a blog near you).
Butter and Eggs, Friday Finds, Keeping With the Times

I found brown eggs, which I feel guilty buying, but the photographer in me can’t help it …

Butter and Eggs, Friday Finds, Keeping With the Times

An earlier find would be my chippy white bead board mirror/coat rack which I’ve been using in almost all my shots lately. I am so glad I didn’t let this one go …

Butter and Eggs, Friday Finds, Keeping With the Times

I also found that I can’t decide what type of processing I like best … I like the natural true-to-life versions, and then I see this one processed with Kim’s kk_gentle … oh, my …

Butter and Eggs, Friday Finds, Keeping With the Times

And here are five more finds for me this week:

  • a new MacBook Pro (squeeeee)
  • the realization that that was just the start … next comes a new external drive, a backup drive, what about a mouse … keyboard … yikes …
  • it was an easy, no-hassle experience to download Creative Cloud, CC2014, LR5, and Bridge CC for the Mac (easier than it was for my PC)
  • my IG photo was a “pick” for the new #mystillsundaycompetition by Kim (so honoured!)
  • that I’m fortunate to have enough food to eat, and a warm place to stay (going to be making donations to the food bank and Salvation Army right now) (done)

Today I’m going to find some time to go out and capture the beautiful winter wonderland that we’ve suddenly found ourselves in. We’re literally buried under more than 30cm …

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend!

Kim Klassen dot com

Chamomile Citron Potpourri Tea

What a wonderful feeling to come home to a cup of chamomile citron potpourri tea after a day of running errands!

On Tuesday I did a Costco run, and then made a quick stop at a grocery store for the rest of my shopping. I like to get home before dark at this time of year since the roads can be a bit icy, and visibility can always be a problem as well. So, as I let my tea steep and unpacked my groceries in the fading light, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. The pantry was stocked, I had all my Christmas baking supplies, and there was a winter storm watch in effect. How cozy did I feel?!

When I brought out my favourite tea cup and saucer, an overwhelming urge to take a photo came over me … strange right? I’m kidding of course … I wanted to document how grateful I felt and then I posted it on Instagram.

Fast forward to today, and the Be Still class. After watching the video, I was struck by how I’d already done the lesson when I took my tea photo! So I decided to redo it with my big girl camera. I didn’t do a lot of editing since I wanted to leave the colours as true as possible.

chamomile citron potpourri

I adore this tea cup and saucer. It’s part of a set of Denby dishes I bought over 20 years ago. Yikes! can that be true? It has certainly stood the test of time in terms of aesthetics. The grey-green tones with brown speckles, the warm creamy colour of the inside of the cups, the simple lines, and the minimalist design is timeless. I’ve always loved it.

I’m also a minimalist when it comes to blogging, so I’ll save the rest of the series for another day …

No Wait!! here’s one more … I couldn’t resist a little LR preset play (kk_gentle) sigh …

chamomile citron potpourri2


chamomile citron potpourri3

Kim talked about reflections and to notice them … I’m one that really loves them for some reason.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!!