“App” Happy Wednesday – A New Linky Party!

"app" happy wednesday, linky party, keeping with the timesHello all!

I’m just popping in to announce that I’m going to be hosting a Linky party on Wednesdays. It will be a place to share your photos edited with “Apps” of course!

Use any “App” you like and perhaps explain how you used it. Did you use just one? Did you use several?

Simply create some art. Post it on your blog or Flickr or wherever you are uploading your work, and then come back here and link it up!

Visit a few friends to see what they are up to and perhaps learn some fabulous new tips and techniques.

Link back with a text link or use the “App” Happy Wednesday button:


<a href=”http://www.keepingwiththetimes.com/”

target=”_blank”><img src=”http://www.keepingwiththetimes.com/buttonsforblog/apphappywednesday150.jpg” alt=”KeepingWithTheTimes”

width=”125″ height=”125″ /></a>

Here’s an example:

Snowy Trees

I took this with my phone then used PicsPlayPro to crop it into a square, adjust exposure, and then I ran the HDR Bright filter of which I’ve never used before.

That’s it, that’s all! Fun!

The party starts early Wednesday morning on April 23rd. I hope to see you there!!

Please forgive any glitches – I’ve never done this before … :)

Friday Finds: The Colours of My World

If not for the evidence found in this little fellas coat, I would say that winter is not going away this year.

Rabbit, Spring

And if not for these …





Spring, Rabbit, Keeping With the Times, Friday Finds, Kim Klassen

and if not for these …


It’s been a cold, snowy, gray/brown week. But also a happy, productive week.

I finished up a tutorial, went for lunch with the ladies and visited a greenhouse!! where I bought some sweet little succulents. I felt overwhelmed with happiness and anticipation of the new gardening season that is sure to come, right?

As this is the Easter week-end, hubby and I will be spending some time with our family (so excited).

I hope you have a wonderful and happy Easter!
Kim Klassen dot Com

Waterlogue Wednesday?

This is just a collection of photos feeding my Waterlogue obsession. It’s not a linky party and I can’t seem to find one so I’m having my own private party… I wonder if there is enough interest out there? Would you play along if I started one? Crazy idea?

Painted in Waterlogue from {Keeping With the Times}

It’s instant art for the masses… and perfect fodder for scrapbook pages…

Painted in Waterlogue from {Keeping With the Times}

This is an example where I used the “Rainy” setting – it’s not one I use often but it seemed to work with this little birdhouse on my potting bench (which is covered in snow this morning).

Painted in Waterlogue from {Keeping With the Times}

And of course, Arizona dreaming…

Painted in Waterlogue from {Keeping With the Times}

So what do you think? Leave a comment if you might be interested in a party. I know it’s a big undertaking to set one up, so perhaps you just need to hit me on the head with a dose of reality!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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