Sunday Sundries

Sunday Sundries

This is the last Sunday Sundries for August! I can hardly believe we're heading into September ... but I seem to be saying something similar at the end of each month ... "I can hardly believe it's such and such ..."Today I'm featuring four images posted to the hashtag #sunday_sundries on … [Read More...]

7 Ideas for Kickstarting a Blog Post, Keeping With the Times

7 Ideas for Kickstarting a Blog Post

Today I hope to inspire you with 7 ideas for kickstarting a blog post, and in doing so, reveal my top secret for "getting it done".Can you believe it's almost September? How's your summer been? Or winter ... depending on where you … Read More


Rustic Photography Background

When shooting still life, I love using a rustic photography background. Therefore I'm aways on the lookout for new and unusual pieces to add to my collection. I have a lot of barn wood in the form of coffee tables, side tables, and potting … Read More


5 Photography Background Ideas

A great photography background is the foundation of a great still life image. We all use backgrounds ... weathered wood, white foam core, or simply areas of our home.I love to use my mantle because it's a true part of my life. With it's … Read More

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Lilac Party

Lilac Party II

Today I thought I'd better get on with the lilac party ... even though the shrub I picked these from has finished blooming. It … Read More

Sunday Sundries

Sunday Sundries June 7

Hello, and welcome to Sunday Sundries (a rather unadvertised little linky party).I’m here to ramble on about my week, it helps … Read More

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Succulent Celebration

All summer it's been a succulent celebration around here ... and now I'm potting up the babies ...... into muffin pans ...... clay … Read More

Preserving Peonies

Preserving Fresh Peonies

The parade of flowers continues here in Alberta, and I want to share a tip about preserving fresh peonies for later use ... later … Read More

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